Groups & Corporate Outings

Are you hosting a professional or group event? TKC has you covered!

We are the one stop shop for all your outing needs. We provide one-on-one consultations to gather your audience type, restrictions and ultimate goals and needs. Are we schmoozing? Closing a sale? Or is it an Employee Appreciation and Team Building? We will curate a tour that best fits your group dynamic.

We are the hoots and whistles of group outings. Your group will be talking about it for years to come. TourKansasCity has a mission to create memorable “experiences” filled with culture, flavor, laughter and excitement. Food brings people together, TKC makes it savoir faire!

To answer a few questions:

Do we have a maximum number capacity? -No! We just keep pulling out more buses.

We want all our people on one bus! -Okay! We can absolutely accommodate that. We can make anything happen for the right price. However, if you have a group that’s in between a two bus option and budgeting; Remember that several buses lead to “bus hopping” throughout the tour stops and actually can create a stronger team building environment; Our guides are well-groomed in balancing your introverts and your extroverts with encouraging conversations and starter games.

Do we get to pick our restaurants? -Flat answer is No. However, a TKC Host will consult with you and essentially choose your restaurants or “tour style” together with you. TKC makes it as smooth as possible for you to achieve the desired experience you want for your guests; Our team stays current on seasonal changes and restaurant or industry happenings that would interrupt the quality of tour TKC has been delivering for over a decade. -All in your favor.

What if we have been on the tour before? -Awesome! Hungry again? We are happy to feed you thrice more! Shoot us over an email and let us know where you visited and we’ll do our level best to provide a new or different stop on the tour so that you may always have a new experience on our tours!

We have a few vegans in our business family? -Ahem, We are a Barbecue tour, HOWEVER, we have space for all. Although we have no vegan options at our stops, We do partner with a few vegan restaurants in Kansas City that provide delectable vegan meals on wheels for us. With an appropriate pause in between stops, we have a full dinner provided for pick up in between stops and for the enjoyment of your herbivores. Other dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, gluten free and or pork free are generally easily accommodated within the stops.

How far do we need to book out? -Often, as soon as you know your date! We encourage a “Save the Date Deposit” to hold your date and bus; Most bookings are often begin two months out especially for groups over 30.

Are we allowed to brings extra drinks and food onto the bus? -Absolutely! Small coolers and personal snacks are permissible. We of course discourage fragile glass and foods with strong scents or necessities. You’re already going to smell like barbecue, your guests might not want to add tuna!

This is not our first rodeo, however we do enjoy coming up with new and exciting ways to show you Kansas City, so reach out via our Contact Page or at [email protected] for continued conversations on your group visit ideas!