Events at Fountain City Winery

Events at Fountain City Winery

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January 25, 2024 6pm-8pm /Doors open at 5:45

Nourishing Nights

Guest Lecturer: Audrey Parker: Mystic Medicine KC, Reiki Master Teacher & Mentor, Holistic Educator

Nourishing Nights::: Where Intelligence & Entertainment Meet

From the Speaker:

Making the Mystical Practical: Being Spiritual yet still Enjoying the Human Experience/ Exploring the Spiritual Journey: An Honest Discussion

It’s common for people to set out on a spiritual journey after experiencing a spiritual awakening, often triggered by a catalyst. At first, the journey is filled with excitement and hope; the anticipation that it will be the catalyst for true change in their lives. Perhaps you’re seeking to heal from past hurts inflicted by parents, religion, politics, or a loved one. But sometimes, the spiritual journey becomes another way to escape the pain of being present in your body. It can be easy to avoid feelings of disappointment, loneliness, betrayal, and grief by immersing oneself in spiritual pursuits.

Initially, the reconnection with the source can be euphoric. There’s a sense of remembrance, and it feels good. The healing journey begins: toxic people are cut out of your life, and you follow the path of love, light, and good vibes. You explore the magical and mystical aspects of life. However, there may still be an unfulfilled feeling of longing, and the stress of the real world is still present. You may feel distant from those who aren’t on a spiritual journey, and your body may feel exhausted and depleted.

It’s important to remember that you’re meant to live and enjoy this human experience. It’s time to embrace all that life has to offer and find joy in the present moment. The spiritual journey can be a beautiful and transformative experience, but it’s important to find balance and not forget that you’re here to enjoy this life.

 An edifying lecture and talk night of interesting, taboo and mystical topics for the betterment of one’s SANITY; WITH WINE!

Hosted by: Fountain City Winery

Location: 1409 West 11th Street

KCMO, 64101 -West Bottoms

Parking: Free

Ticket Cost:

$5 Via Onine Presale

$7 @Door, Walk-Up Ticket Sales Begin @ 5:30pm

$13 Presale +Plus Drink Ticket (Only Available Online)